Student Services

Connolly Primary School prides itself on the inclusive and supportive learning environment provided for all our students. Our dedicated staff, with support from our Student Services Leadership Team (SSLT), cater for the individual needs of students, whether they be academic, physical, behavioural, social, or emotional.

We believe a collaborative approach is the most beneficial for students with special educational needs, and parents are involved in each step of the process to ensure the successful achievement of outcomes.

The services of an Educational Psychologist, School Nurse and a Chaplain are available to the school. Parents and students are able to access these services through the Administration of the school.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Connolly Primary School is a school of choice for families with special educational needs. Our school has long standing, extensive whole school process for the identification, intervention and monitoring of the differentiation required to meet the specific needs of individual students. 

Teachers work collaboratively with the SSLT and our highly qualified education assistants to develop and deliver targeted differentiation programmes to ensure the SEN objectives are met.

Our expertise and success in this area have been recognised through our appointment as a Teacher Development School specialising in Special Educational Needs. For more information on the Teacher Development School initiative and the support we provide, visit the Teacher Development School page on our website.

Pastoral Care

At Connolly Primary School, we believe that pastoral care is a shared school community responsibility. We are committed to taking a proactive approach towards pastoral care, with a focus on prevention and intervention.

To promote and support the social and emotional well-being of students, our school implement a number of programmes and initiatives. These include:

  • School Chaplaincy Programme - School Chaplain Referral Form
  • School Values
  • Friendly Schools Plus
  • Buddy Classes
  • Upstander & Harmony Awards
  • Student Leadership Programmes

Student Service Partnerships

To support our students, Connolly Primary School has collaborated with a number of service providers. These include:

  • Statewide Support Services
  • Schools of Special Educational Needs
  • Primary Behaviour Centre
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Child and Mental Health Services