Principal's Update - 8

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Connolly Primary School Principal

From our Principal

Dear Parents

Welcome back to Semester Two.  As always this term promises to be very busy with book week, open night, Y-Safe meeting, faction carnival and Inter-school carnival to name a few.  For a full list of activities and dates on our school calendar on our website, please click on the following link.

Staffing Update:

We welcome Mr. Michael Chandler (Phys Ed) and Ms Edyta Fazzalari (library officer) to the staff. Ms Emma Nelson (Music) is continuing in her role. Mrs Catherine Smith has accepted a position as Deputy Principal, Marri Grove PS for the rest of the year. Mrs Brooke Coyle has won the position of Deputy Principal at Burns Beach Primary School. Whilst we are sad to see her go we wish her well at her new school.

Covid-19 Update:

You will have all received a letter from the Department of Education (DoE) strongly suggesting that students and staff wear masks indoors. We still have a number of children who have tested positive this week so please if your child is showing symptoms do not send them to school.

The DoE is supplying further RATs to students and staff. These are being rolled out to schools in Week 3. I will let you know collection arrangements when they have arrived.

General Housekeeping:

If students arrive at school before 8.25 am they are to wait in the area between my office and the art room. I will be on duty from 8.15 until the first siren goes. Students should not put their bags away or sit outside their classroom even if accompanied by a parent. This is a duty of Care issue.

Please do not park in the Kiss and Drive at the end of school. This area is for parents to pull in, pick up their child and then leave. Last term I had a number of parents who parked there and it severely impeded our ability to ensure our students were picked up  safely.

Class letters will be sent out next Friday.


Our Kindergarten numbers for 2023 are rapidly filling up. If you have not registered your little one please do so as soon as possible. If you know anyone who is yet to register please encourage them to contact Christine as soon as possible.