Teacher Development School

The Teacher Development Schools (TDS) initiative recognises that teacher quality is the single biggest in-school influence on student achievement, and that teachers learn best from other teachers. Teacher Development Schools share their expertise and classroom innovation across schools, networks and professional learning communities. Teachers and schools can access a range of practical support for whole school planning, teaching, learning and assessment.

In 2016-17, Connolly Primary School will be a TDS focusing on Special Educational Needs (SEN), in particular the role of education assistants in effective individual and small group interventions. Our staff are looking forward to sharing our experience and expertise with other schools throughout this period.

During 2016, our TDS team worked with the Ocean Reef Education Network (OREN), including presenting at the OREN conference on June 3rd.

In 2017, we have branched out to offer our services statewide. We are able to provide targeted support to teachers, education assistants and school leaders in:

  • Deployment of education assistants to maximise student outcomes
  • Allocation of funding to support students with diagnosed and imputed disabilities
  • Unpacking the role of special needs EAs through 'The Competency Framework for EASN'
  • Performance Management of education assistants
  • Planning for effective collaborative partnerships between teachers and education assistants
  • Instructional strategies for education assistants when working in a range of learning contexts
  • Best practice for teachers when planning to utilise education assistant support
  • Behaviour management strategies for education assistants
  • Resource modification and working with documented plans for EAs
  • Providing feedback and data collection methods for EAs
  • Strategies for education assistants to support learning using digital technologies

Our Connolly TDS Team are able to provide tailored support to schools or networks to target specific needs. This support can be accessed through:

  • Face-to-face professional learning sessions (small group or whole staff).
  • Facilitation of targeted action learning. 
  • Observations, work shadowing and feedback sessions.
  • Online professional learning sessions and mentoring through SABA.

For more information on the support the Connolly TDS team can provide to your school or network, feel free to contact our TDS Coordinator, Brooke Coyle, by email at brooke.royston@education.wa.edu.au, or through the school on 9300 2199.

Schools who would like to access support from our TDS team are also encouraged to complete the TDS 2016-17 Request For Support Form, and submit it to TDS.SS.co@education.wa.edu.au.