Connolly Primary School is required to adhere to the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline which was developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The WA Curriculum sets out the curriculum, guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and provides support for teachers in their assessment and reporting of student achievement. 

Our school believes that student learning is best facilitated through a progressive curriculum which requires consistency as students progress through their schooling. In order to realise our school vision, Connolly Primary School has developed our own Whole School Approaches, and Curriculum Maps. These all follow the WA Curriculum requirements. Through a consistent and connected approach to teaching and learning, our school continues to ensure our students have access to a high quality academic education. Our Whole School Approaches can be viewed by clicking the image below.


 WSA Capture 2017

Explicit instruction of key concepts and skills is central to our learning programmes. In addition, our students also receive explicit instruction on skills for co-operation and collaboration, through the use of the Kagan Cooperative Strategies.

Within our school, we implement a number of programmes including:              DSC05251

English - Talk 4 Writing, Soundwaves, Letters & Sounds, First Steps

Mathematics - iMaths

Science - Primary Connections

Health - Friendly Schools Plus, Protective Behaviours


Connolly Primary School runs four specialist subject areas:

Physical Education  is run from Pre-Primary to Year 6, with students participating in two hours of timetabled physical education each week. In addition to the regular programme, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of interschool sports competitions, undertake swimming lessons at HBF Arena (Pre-Primary to Year 4) and at Sorrento Beach (Year 5 & 6), join our weekly Runners' Club, and engage in the Sporting Schools programme. 

Science/Design & Technology is run from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Through engagement in a hands-on, project-driven curriculum in our dedicated science laboratory, students develop an inquiring mind, and build their knowledge of the sciences, apply technologies and work through the engineering principles. Students also have the opportunity to participate in introductory robotics, Science Club, and the Coding Club.

Performing Arts is run from Pre-Primary to Year 6, and features weekly music lessons. Students also participate in dance lessons every year provided by professional dance instructors. Through the Instrumental Music Schools Services, our school is able to offer Year 6 students the opportunity to learn flute, clarinet, trumpet/trombone or classical guitar. Our school choir and school band provide students with performance opportunities throughout each year.

Japanese is run from Year 2 to Year 6. Building skills and confidence in communicating (both in English and Japanese) is at the forefront of the programme, while students complete cultural studies in addition to their language studies. Peer collaboration and mentoring is encouraged through the Mini-Sensei initiative. The Nihongo Club runs during a lunchtime each week, and senior students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange programme.


Please refer to the My School Website and Schools Online for data and results of Connolly Primary School.

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