The likelihood of success in learning is strongly linked to regular attendance and engagement in the educational programmes. Students with poor attendance risk poor academic achievement, a greater likelihood of not completing schooling and a greater risk of social disadvantage.

Attendance of students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 is compulsory. Please telephone, sms, email or use the school app to notify the school if your child/children are going to be absent. Parents will be contacted should their child be absent without an explanation being provided.

Early Arrivals

Classroom doors open at 8:25 am. Children and parents who arrive earlier are directed to the courtyard between the Administration and Specialist buildings where they will be supervised by a member of staff. At 8:25 am students are dismissed to their classrooms.

Late Arrivals

A student is deemed to have arrived late if they arrive after 8.45am. Students arriving late must arrive through the Front Office, where they will be provided with a late notice for the classroom teacher.

Vacations During Term

We remind our parents that they must meet with the principal, or submit a written request, before taking children on vacation during the school term. Further information is available in the Attendance section of our Student Services Policies & Procedures.

Parent Notes

Are requested for:-

1. Daily absences unless phoned or electronically sent.

Full Day Absence Notice Form               Partial Day Absence Notice Form

2. Exclusion from Sport, Physical Education, Swimming - for medical reasons.