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8.25am - Students in Classes

8.40am - Lessons Commence

10.50-11.10am - Recess

1.10pm-1.50pm - Lunch

2.50pm - End of the Day 


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2019 School Map



In 2019, Connolly Primary School will provide a fortnightly Kindergarten program (ie 3 days one week and 2 days the following week). The shaded boxes are the days your child attends on the allocated sessions for your group.







Marri 3-1



Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9



 Marri 3-2



Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10



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Information and Communication Technology

Connolly Primary School ensures our teachers and students have access to a wide range of digital technologies to aid in the teaching and learning. 

  • All classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard.
  • The computer lab in the library is available for use by all students.
  • Each teaching block has access to a bank of iPads.

In addition, our school runs a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme in selected classes from Years 3-6.

Leadership Program

Our school offers a range of leadership opportunities for our senior students throughout the year.

  • Student Leaders - Each semester, eight Year 6 students are elected by their peers to act as student leaders.
  • Faction Captains - In Term 2, each faction selects two senior students as Faction Captains.

All senior students undertake responsibilities across the school including setting up for events, and working with younger students through the use of buddy classes.


There are four factions at Connolly Primary School

Dingoes - Gold                Emus - Blue                Goannas - Green                Kangaroos - Red

Transition Programs

  • Kindy to Pre-Primary to Year 1: Transition programs are implemented in Term 4 to ensure that the change from K-PP-Year 1 is a positive experience for students.

  • Year 6 to High School: We work closely with surrounding High Schools as they offer transition days in Term 4. This assists students in the change to a different model of schooling.

Major School Events

Each year, our school has a number of regular events. Regular highlights include:

  • In-Term Swimming Lessons - Years 5-6 students attend beach swimming lessons, and our Pre-Primary to Year 4 students attend swimming lessons at HBF Arena.
  • Year 6 Camp - Our Year 6 students attend a three-day camp during which they participate in a wide variety of activities including orienteering, archery, indoor rock-climbing, and team-building exercises.
  • Early Childhood Pyjama Puzzle-A-Thon - Students, and teachers, come in their pyjamas, share in breakfast, and complete puzzles as a FUN-draiser for the Early Childhood block.
  • Faction Carnival - Held in Term 3, students compete in their factions in track and field events, and team games.
  • Year 6 Graduation and Dinner Dance - Following the Graduation Ceremony in the morning, our Year 6 students attend their Graduation Dinner/Dance in the evening. Traditionally held at the Joondalup Reception Centre, this event provides the graduating class the opportunity to share in one final evening as a group before heading to high school.
  • Book Award & Christmas Assembly - Each class awards two book prizes to recognise the outstanding efforts of students over the year. This event also features performances by the school choir and school band, and features community carols and a visit from Santa.