Curriculum Vision


IMG 5250At Connolly Primary School we Plan, Teach, Assess and Report using the Western Australian Curriculum for all subject areas. Teachers work as individuals, and as a member of a collaborative team. This includes planning collaboratively, sharing expertise, mentoring and coaching colleagues.

The pastoral care needs of our students are supported through the classroom learning programmes.

Plan  - Teachers ensure the General Capabilities, as described in the Western Australian Curriculum, are explicitly addressed as part of regular learning programmes.

Teachers engage with and utilise the practices and strategies described in our Whole School Approaches document.

Our school utilises structures and processes to identify children at risk and respond to their needs. This includes adopting a case-management approach, supported by the administrative team, ensuring that each child reaches their capacity.

Teach  - Teachers deliver learning programmes that use strategies and planning processes to address individual student needs, encourage participation in small group work and provide whole class instruction.

Teaching strategies support the development of critical thinking skills through the use of open-ended tasks and collaborative learning strategies.

Assess - Assessment is an integral part of the teaching cycle, and is an ongoing process. Student achievement is measured against the Year Level Achievement Standards.

Additional assessment and moderation tasks are undertaken according to our school’s Assessment Policy. 

Report - Students receive quality feedback on their achievement and progress through a variety of age-appropriate strategies.

Reporting to Parents will include Interim and End of Semester Reports, School Open Nights and Parent/Teacher Interviews.


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